Ivan Dorn submitted a joint with Vakula’s song come to your senses

Иван Дорн представил совместную с Vakula песню Опомнись

Singer and DJ Ivan Dorn presented a new song called “come to your senses”.

Song recorded in Odessa in conjunction with an electronic musician from Konotop Vakula (Michael Vityuk).

“Come to your senses — the word-social weapon. Not the Mat, but sting as well. Come to your senses – flare in the heads of people. “Pull yourself together” — if you see this word, with an immediate alert remember about the most important things in my life. Come to your senses… – the word-internal conflict… It is sobering, makes you think about the main thing. “Come to your senses” is a slap in the face needed by the society, at least for a moment,” reads the description of the single channel of the mandrel in YouTube.

Ivan Dorn caught in a scandal. In an interview with Russian journalist, he said that Ukraine and Russia “altercation” and “little brothers said “no” to everything from big brother”.

In turn, the Minister of culture Yevhen Nyshchuk said that some statements of the singer Ivan Dorn in an interview with Russian journalist unacceptable.

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