“J. E.”: parents angry at Hockey Quebec

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He is playing 300 000 games of minor hockey in Quebec each year. Even in the categories recreational, parents swear by the victory. Some even go so far as to put pressures on coaches to exclude a young player less talented in order to win more games.

The atmosphere in the stands is so made problematic that Hockey Quebec has released Monday a guide for reason parents. But for many, it is far from sufficient.

“We want there to be any more severe sanctions against the parents of offending,” says Nicole Vincent, mother of Louis-Charles Davignon, a goalkeeper goal, which keeps a taste very bitter in his season 2017 – 2018. Parents are colluding to exclude their son from a team bantam B, the lowest of the categories, on the South Shore of Montreal.

Exasperated, the Davignon reported derogatory comments made by parents of other players during tournaments their team.

“One is nauseated, can we hear in these extracts. Clearly. We are tired of losing, especially when it is of the tournaments. We are paying for, ost**. You pay ost** to win.”


Of tension, intimidation, direct or indirect, several young players are, unfortunately, victims. “Our rights have been violated! We demand justice, because Hockey Québec has not protected our children,” says Daniel, a father of player pee-wee C of Beauharnois, which continues today, Hockey Quebec, Hockey Lac St-Louis and Hockey Beauharnois to 294 000 dollars.

“We simply wanted to know why our son was not in front of the goal. Finally, it was learned that the parents of the team have made a petition for this to be another goalkeeper in the final of the tournament, simply because our son had missed a game!” expresses the father exasperated by the turn of events.

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His son has forsaken hockey. Depressed, he has lost appetite and had to be treated for disorders suffering from anorexia. “It is of exclusion. Imagine how he could feel!”

“J. E.” questioned the president of Hockey Quebec on the process of complaints handling in the organisation.

“Is it perfect? I will not say to you that today, lance Paul Ménard, president of Hockey Quebec. With our new guide to case management, we hope to reduce the unacceptable behaviour involving parents.”

Mr. Ménard defends his organization that manages thousands of volunteers. “The current structure of the federation provides a good guidance to young people and to parents who feel aggrieved. And yes, if it is necessary, we can punish the parents, but it begins with awareness and guidance.”

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