Jackie Chan: “I’m used to, that my name attracts”

480x640-images-news-112014-8d978a0d33ff462765d7a4cb530e1d3dIn Cherkassy kickboxing tournament held recently in the walls of Cherkasy National University, one of the prizes won by Jackie Chan. This is not a misunderstanding or a joke. Jackie Chan – a 17-year-old cherkaschanyn who loves sports and studies in Cherkassy professional lyceums highway.

Jack has a lot of victories in sport, as it deals with 7 years. Another little boy enrolled in a section of kickboxing and 13 years and is now engaged in youth sports school “Vulcan” where trains under the guidance of an experienced coach Igor Yaremenko, which has many achievements in sports.

– In sports, it is very important if you have a good coach. My coach was like a second father to me. So, thanks to its guidelines I gained many victories. I do not know whether I would easily withstand all the children’s jokes from others connected with my name if I had not gone to engage in combat sports. I’m used to, that my name attracts attention. The fact that my father – Vietnamese. Once he arrived in Cherkasy for business and met my mother, who is Ukrainian. Of course, when I was born, I was given a name that perfectly matched to the surname. Friends’ this is not surprised and when I got into a new company, it had to prove that I actually called Jackie Chan. When I was smaller, even offended, and quarreled and bickered and fought sometimes even bet. And to win a bet, showing a birth certificate – says Jackie.

Interestingly, social networks and people respond to his interesting name in combination with the name. Some even jokingly asked to convey greetings famous actor Jackie Chan, but someone seriously began to write Chinese characters cherkaschanynu any message. When Jackie was older, already accustomed to these situations, so was less concerned with that.

– In sports were also incidents. In particular, when we weighed before the event, then sometimes people were surprised that one of the athletes want to perform under an assumed name. Again I helped birth certificate – says Jackie.

However, cherkas citizen always preferred to be called by name, and not addressed in conjunction with the name. They say he is a person and does not want to associate with anyone. Although, of course, the famous actor Jackie Chan movies and he knows him looking. But he prefers to go their own way.

– Sport is good in life. Of course, I pay him much attention. We Coach “volcano” and engaged in military-athletic training and kickboxing, and boxing. I stand in all of sports. I have made some progress, in particular, was a champion of Ukraine in kickboxing. When I train, you feel the strength, I feel confident. After the summer break, on the contrary, there is some uncertainty as. Sport considered an important of my life, but I do not know yet whether become a professional athlete. It’s still early to talk about it – said Jackie Chan.

Asked Who was himself aware of Cherkasy Jackie Chan, he unhesitatingly answers – Ukrainian! After all, he was born here, raised here and now living here.

“And no matter what other people are thinking, I find myself Ukrainian and I think that is correct. And if, God forbid, have to fight for this country, I agree! “- Confidently said Jackie Chan, who in his still young age already knows what a struggle for victory.

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