Jamal has recorded a joint track with Vanek Foundation

Джамала записала совместный трек с Vanek Foundation

In the network appeared the debut mini-album project Vanek Foundation called Rookodiller. The record opens with the song Nevermind, the vocals where performed Jamal.

The singer told on his page on Instagram, he wrote the vocal melody and lyrics for this song in ten minutes. “I was very inspired by the groove, so everything came very quickly… the Record is also done with one take. After we listened to the track, I suggested to change a few things, but Joe said, “I like it, no need to change anything”. I’m always trying to improve the song indefinitely, though saying “best is the enemy of the good,” wrote Jamal.

Project Vanek Foundation created the Kiev sound producer Vanek Klimenko. He runs the label Rookodila, which collaborates with the musicians “Back Flip”, [O] and Very The Jerry.

Mini-album Rookodiller includes four tracks. His record was attended by 18 musicians, among whom were also Maryana Golovko, LAUD, Verry The Jerry and others.

We will remind, in March, Jamal has released a new song “Creel”.

As previously reported, Paul McCartney has released a lyric video for the song Fuh You. This track will be included in the new artist album, which is scheduled for release September 7.

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