Jamal presented a video for the song Creel

Джамала представила клип на песню Крила

Ukrainian singer Jamala has presented the video for the song “Creel”. Video shooting took place in Kiev at the “Forge in Rybal’s’ke”, the National art Museum of Ukraine, in the Palace of culture. S. P. Korolev and one of the streets of Darnytskyi district. Directed by Anna Kopylova, previously made for the singer’s video for the song “Way dodomu”.

According to Jamala, her song about what each of us needs the support of loved ones. “I don’t like the concept of selfmade because, in my opinion, it is untrue and exalts us above the rest. We are born in certain families, the parents guide us, educate, put in us your love. At each stage of our lives there are people who help us, encourage and inspire. This is especially important in difficult moments, when you sit and think, “Well, why me? Why do I get the most challenging test? Why other people live happily and I am the most unhappy?” In these moments you need these wings, whether it be faith, angel or loved one nearby,” – said the singer.

According to Anna Kopylova, based on the video formed the same idea. “In the clip, the children go to their goal, despite the circumstances in which they find themselves. It is difficult, scary, but they find strength. I think the video turned out quite optimistic, what in our lives do not have”, – said the Director.

We will remind, the premiere of the song “Creel” was held in late February of this year during one of the esters of the national selection for the Eurovision song contest. Digital single release took place in March. The song will be included in the eponymous album by Jamala, on the occasion of which the singer will go on tour in major cities of Ukraine. Kyiv presentation scheduled for November 23.

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