Jamel Debbouze accused of plagiarism : “One cannot reduce an artist to 2 valves” – Gala


Accused of having plagiarised comedians americans, like many of its French counterparts, Jamel Debbouze ned block and ensures not to take that of his entourage and of his own life.

That’s several weeks, a controversy shook the comedians French. Pinned by a famous youtubeur, Tomer Sisley, Gad Elmaleh, Arthur, Malik Bentalha, or even Jamel Debbouze are accused of having plagiarised comedians americans. Invited to the microphone of RTL on Tuesday 14 November, the latter has just agreed to respond to these allegations. “Obviously, it is inspired by everything that is around us, but as for me, I never modeled anything on anyone , “says the dad of little Leon and Lila, who says that an artist can be” reduced to 2 valves or 3 “.

It’s been 25 years that went on stage, I’m at my fifth show, in my tenth film, in my eighth festival. I write songs all day long, I’m inspired by me and what surrounds me. Of course, you can leave it hanging out one ear, but one cannot reduce an artist to do this. “Jamel Debbouze entrust the same to have been “aghast” at the discovery of these accusations of plagiarism : “I have had to do without realizing it. It is important to know that there are authors with whom one works, and that each is inspired in its own way. While it is natural for me.

Inspiration is natural, therefore, but certainly not reprehensible, according to the founder of the Marrakech laughter : “You can tell the same things as our neighbours the anglo-saxons but with our style. It is so hard to create and be unique. Stay closer to itself, finally, this is what is most hard. “And to conclude : “It has been criticized Molière, so it’s almost flattering.

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Jamel Debbouze

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