Japan’s national debt has reached a record high – $ 10.2 trillion

Japan's national debt
Japan’s national debt

The national debt of Japan for April-June 2014 increased by 1.4% and reached a new record of 1 quadrillion 39 trillion yen ($ 10.2 trillion). This was reported today the Ministry of Finance, transfers “Prime”.
It is reported that the first quarter of the current fiscal year (started in Japan April 1 2014) the national debt increased by 14 trillion yen ($ 137 billion) and, according to the forecast of the Ministry of Finance can before the end of the fiscal year (March 31, 2015) achieved already 1,143 quadrillion yen ($ 11.2 trillion).
The ratio of government debt to GDP (over 200%), Japan is second only to Zimbabwe.
Japanese national debt is growing because of chronic budget deficit, which in turn is associated with a permanent increase in social spending.
Already in Japan almost a quarter of the population – people over 65 years and 20 years, according to official projections, pensineramy is almost half Japanese.

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