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The 29 April 2001 whereas the first season of Loft Story was in full swing on the M6, and the reconciliation between Loana and Jean-Edouard was the buzz several days. 16 and a half years after the fact, Jean-Edouard, who is about to become a dad, does not want to hear any more of this story. Now at the head of his own company (the agency Five star Consulting), the hunk who is about to become a dad has definitely turned the page “Loft Story</i>.

“Loana? Talk about it does not interest me. Everyone makes his choices, good and bad. It has a big tendency to talk about me in his interviews, I’d just like it to forget me. I do not wish him any harm, just that she makes his life on his side.” In our columns on Wednesday, Jean-Edouard Lipa, did not want to extend when we quizzed him on Loana.

Far from the middle of the reality tv (he now has his own company the agency Five star Consulting), the former le loft participant tells us that it only remained in contact with Steevy, with whom he speaks from time to time on Facebook.

Aware that the label ” Loft Story is indelible, Jean-Edouard already knows how he will present his experience in cathodic to his little girl Win, which would have to be born in a few days. “I’ll say to him : “twenty years ago, dad made a reality tv show. He was locked up with other people for four-twenty days and it has been very known for it, also criticized. But this experience has changed his life and allowed him to do lots of things. Even if for a lot of people dad will stay-for-life Jean-Edouard de Loft Story, he then took his time to show that he was capable of something else.”

Frequently asked about Jean-Edouard, Loana is much more eloquent than him about it. As in march 2017 in LyonPeople where she admitted that he had “no relationship.” “He hates me, she continued. I can’t say why. In the evening, it is always to a minimum of 10 feet away from me, not to be taken a photo of one next to the other. He never spoke to me. He does not want to ever speak to me”.

Six months later, if one refers to our interview this day in Gala, Jean-Edouard seems not to have changed his mind.

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