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Jean-Marie Périer – Recording of the show “Vivement Dimanche” in Paris October 14, 2015

The photographer worship of the yé-some is aging and doesn’t hide it.

In the 1960s, the youth stands up and carries the yé-some at the top. Françoise Hardy is a goddess, the magazine Salut les copains became a bible, and Jean-Marie Périer, at the heart of this momentum, the one that is photographing for posterity the early years of Frances, Johnny and Sylvie. Any a time.

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Let’s start with the end

On the occasion of the release of his new book – Close to the sky, to paradise, and at Calmann-Lévy, in bookstores October 18 – Jean-Marie Périer has received Marc Lambron, of the French Academy at home in the Aveyron for a great interview published by The verge. The one who shared the life of Françoise Hardy, “[it] became sort of the prince consort”, prior to her marriage with Jacques Dutronc in 1967, explained his or her resignation to the women : “Say first, that I was pretty spoiled, begins the photographer of 77 years. I even liked several women for ever. But there are three things. First of all, a man of my age, which puts the snout in front to recite moonshine to a lady, it can become pathetic. Then, I saw myself in barbon when my own daughter has reached the age of young girls that courtisais yet. Finally, I underwent a minor operation, but I meant that I changed age. Note that the playboys of my time are themselves quite tidy cars. I’ve never forgotten a thing that I had said to Jacques Dutronc. At the beginning of his marriage with Françoise Hardy, he was not a paragon of loyalty, and that is an understatement. One day, I asked him why it spreads so rampantly. James replied : ‘I begin with the end.’ His idea, it was for succumb early to the temptations that assail the older men to not have to return to it later.”

The sinking

Healthy aging is the topic of his latest book. A book rather pessimistic. Jean-Marie Périer said to have left Paris because the city that he loved no longer exists. The one who describes himself as a “suicidal fit of happiness” (his brother, the filmmaker Jean-Pierre Périer was défenestré in 1966) said “hate getting old” : “My face in the mirror no I am not, sometimes I have 16 years in my head, but the carcass is protesting.” What saves it, it is without doubt to be able to continue the photography, to expose and write. “When my sister Anne-Marie [wife of Michel Sardou, ed.] has left the management of It, where she published my photos in the 1990s, the phone has stopped ringing the next day. If you have a trade of obligations, free time is a issue. But if you have a trade or a vocation, it is an expulsion.”

Finally, in this long interview, Jean-Marie Périer compares the manner in which his father, the actor François Périer, who was recognized at birth, and its progenitor, the singer Henry Salvador, have aged. The photographer does not mince his words : “François Périer has kept until the end her sense of humor, the delicacy of making others laugh. Henri Salvador, I regret to say, has been mired in bitterness. This was not new.” And the photographer to remember an anecdote that he had told Johnny Hallyday : on its debut, while it was the first part of the Alhambra, Henri Salvador cried on the floor : “Turn-me this asshole.” Maybe not an asshole, but at least one scoundrel who, according to Jean-Marie, age well : “Even sick, he still dominates.” To 74 years, Johnny Hallyday is the subject of a tribute intergenerational with the album We all have something to Johnny, expected on 17 November. He is also working on his next album and has promised to go on tour again in 2018.

Here is the tracklisting of the album “We all have something of Johnny” ralis by @yarolpoupaud, appear on November 17. #QqchosedeJohnny

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