Jennifer Lopez will star in the film about the workers of the strip club who robbed customers

Дженнифер Лопес снимется в фильме о работницах стрип-клуба, которые грабили клиентов

American actress and singer Jennifer Lopez will play a major role in the new movie “Hustlers”.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, screenwriter and film Director will speak Loreen Scafaria. The film will takes place in new York in the midst of the financial crisis.

The film is based on the article of the American journalist Jessica Pressler, “The Hustlers at Scores”. This is a real story that will tell about the Robin Hoods of our time — the former workers of the strip club who cheated the most wealthy clients on wall street.

Jennifer Lopez got the role of leader of a group of ambitious girls.

“It is a sensitive look at women and men, our gender roles, our value, which is dictated in every movie and TV show. Men say that their value is measured by the size of the Bank account. Women convinced that they are valued for the beauty of their face and body. Based on this my movie, in which the rules of the club the rules of the world”, – said the Director of the film.

To produce the project will be Lauryn Scafaria, Jennifer Lopez, will Ferrell, and Gloria Sanchez. Executive producer and Alexander brown.

As previously reported, the company producing hoverboards has filed a lawsuit against Jennifer Lopez.

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