Jeremstar married : A ceremony crazy to Raquel Garrido and Agathe Auproux

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Exclusive – Jeremstar – blogeur Jeremstar (Jeremy Gisclon ) marries itself to the mairie of the 1st arrondissement of Paris on 9 October 2017. The sologamie, this is what is supposed to be live Jeremstar, who has decided to self-marry. © Cyril Moreau/Bestimage

The columnist Thierry Ardisson has not done things by half !

On Monday 9 October 2017 has been a very special day for our Jeremstar national ! The blogger reality tv recently-turned-columnist for The Earthlings Sunday (C8) has decided to marry… with himself !

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It is within the very prestigious town hall of the 1st arrondissement of Paris, that the one who calls his fans “vermin” has invited his family to celebrate this marriage with himself. In this context, if the singular, the young man of 30 years obviously has been able to count on the presence of his bridesmaid very media, Raquel Garrido (she is also a columnist in The Earthlings of Sunday), which has displayed a broad smile throughout the ceremony.

Jeremstar has also had the joy of seeing the singer Lââm and Hapsatou Sy attend his wedding (the first of which is even given to the voice !) but also some stars of reality tv among which Maéva Anissa Mad Mag NRJ12, Emilie Amar, Aurélie Preston and Jazz of the Angels of reality tv (the latter being currently pregnant), Jessy Ferrero and Valentine Marseille vs. the Rest of The world, Caroline Boutier of Dilemma coming to the family, Sabrina the Princes of love 4, Nelly of The Belle and its princes 2 or Ingrid and Marion of Ten couples perfect. More unexpectedly, the columnist of the Key not at my post (C8) Agathe Auproux was also at the festival with her boyfriend.

As a reminder, it is on the plateau of Earth Sunday, Thierry Ardisson as Jeremstar was announced on 8 October last year his firm intention of marrying him-even after you have posted a topic on the sologamie. “I have a big announcement to make, you know that Patrick Sébastien has a day been the youngest married of France, me I want to be the first sologame of France, and so I decided to arrange my marriage with myself. I’m going to organize my own ceremony for me to love myself because finally I think I’ve never met someone as extraordinary as myself !”, had it launched with a sense of humor.

The young man kept his word.

Check out the images of the wedding sologame of Jeremstar Sunday 15th of October 2017 in The Earthlings Sunday on C8. An event not to be missed !

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