JiC live in Quebec city, February 19,

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The issuance JiC will make a stop in Quebec city, on the 19th of February, when it will present its edition live from the entrance hall of the Centre Videotron. The host, Jean-Charles Lajoie, invites people to attend in large number. “We want this to be packed ! “, he said.

The episode of February 19, will be presented in the margins of the 60th Tournament international de hockey pee-wee de Quebec, which was set in motion Wednesday, as well as the traditional match of the Quebec Remparts held on the first Tuesday of the Tournament pee-wee.

“The idea is to go to the meeting of the people of Quebec and to live the excitement of the Tournament pee-wee and the match of the Walls which is played in the evening. I think that there will be a nice atmosphere. Of the program, before the public, with a number of stakeholders on the spot, it’s going to be cool, ” said Jean-Charles Lajoie.


This last hope also that the many young players of the Tournament pee-wee watching the match of the Ramparts will take the opportunity to attend the recording of his show.

Also, there will be 25 tickets for the Ramparts which will be drawn among the people present.

Attachment to Quebec

The facilitator does not hide it : each presence in Quebec city has a particular charm for him.

“This is not a secret to anyone that I love Quebec and the people of the Old Capital. I like the repeat, but I was Blue when I was ti-ass, then I dream the return of the Nordiques as if I was a payer of taxes of Quebec. “

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“For me, it is always a real pleasure to go to Quebec. At the same time, I work for an employer for which, in its DNA, this is not just Montreal, but the province to the full account. This is the nerve that, and it’s cool for me to see that it is open to go for a walk. “

The issuance of the February 19, will be broadcast live, from 17 am to 19 h.