Johnny Holliday died in France. Biography-legends

On 75-th year of life died a rock singer from France, johnny Hallyday.


In the media the news conveyed by the wife of musician, Leticia. In its report said that johnny left that night, and she herself is hard to believe it, but her husband lived a decent life and always was a real man, and left this world he with the same dignity.

In March of this year, the singer has shared his own diagnosis of lung cancer, which he learned back in 2009. According to the artist, he really felt his life was not under threat. Recently, the singer lived in Los Angeles and until then, until he became very ill, he has been working on a new album and did not change the schedule in which were listed the concert tour. In mid-November 2017 the actor was hospitalized because he started having breathing problems, writes TASS.


In their homeland, in France, Hallyday has earned the status of a rock star. He was born in the French capital in 1943. The name he was given at birth – Jean-Philippe Smet. To speak, he began in the school years. It was then that he began to sing songs with his cousin and her husband. They performed in the pauses between the numbers of one variety show. As parents johnny divorced when he was still a child, he was in the care of her aunt on the father of Helen Mar, one of the daughters which he began to speak. The fact that the daughter, Ellen traveled with the show dance the whole of Europe, therefore, the childhood of johnny, passed in constant traveling and concerts.

In the age of eleven the boy was selected for the trial in the film “Devil” which was filmed by French Director Henri Georges Clouzot. Future rock singer gladly participated in the filming. The premiere took place in 1955. And in 1956 the young musician took part in the filming. The premiere took place in 1955. And in 1956, he first tried to perform on stage, it happened in Copenhagen. Being an ardent admirer of Elvis Presley, performing in cabarets of France, he was imitating your favorite artists. When he performed the song “Party” from the repertoire of Elvis, the crowd got violent delight. It happened at the Astor club that Monmartre.


On the advice of husband’s sister, whom the musician was highly respected and esteemed always, because he was in charge of all concert activities of the group, johnny took the stage name. Further career of the young singer began to develop rapidly. In 1959, after taking part in a radio broadcast Paris Coctai,l was acquainted with well-known songwriters Roger Jean and Gilbert’s Wife, and later with the art Director of the record company Vogue Jacques Wolfson. 1960-the first year was marked by the signing of the first contract and the release of the debut album of the musician. The following year, Holliday established a group of Golden Strings. Performances of the musical ensemble in those years were often accompanied by scandals. Then johnny became a citizen of France.

Work in a duet with johnny’s name, Halliday can be proud of Pascal Obispo, Shimen Badi, Lara Fabian, Eric Cantona, France gall and many other musicians. In 1997, President Jacques Chirac, who was then President of France, awarded johnny the Legion of honor.


Engaging music, Halliday did not forget about a film career. He starred in films: “Point of fall”, “Paparazzi”, “Monster”, “Why not me?”, “The robbery on-French”, “Man train”, “Crimson rivers 2: Angels of the Apocalypse”, “the Pink Panther-2”. And even in 2017, despite the progression of the disease, johnny played in the movie “Forever young” and “everyone has his own life and his sentence”.

The life of an artist was very busy. Since 2005 he has published the journal Limited Access, coming out every two months. In 2006, moved musician in Switzerland, to which he was forced high taxes in his native country. But a year later, when he became President, Nicolas Sarkozy, Halliday returned Home. Tour 2009, which was meant as the last one, called Tour 66. It also included three appearances in the French capital, which came to 240 million viewers.

Almost immediately after the tour, the singer went to the hospital and underwent two operations, in connection with the cancellation of a few shows. The final album entitled “Never alone” was released in late March 2011, and already during the first week it sold nearly a hundred thousand copies. Album within two weeks was on the leading positions in the charts of the country. In 2011, johnny played a major role in the play “Heaven on earth”. And in 2012 a concert in Los Angeles marked the beginning of a new touring tour that the musician decided to complete his half-century career. The tour covered a large number of countries: Belgium, Switzerland, Russia, Canada, USA, Israel and Britain, which held a total of 57 concerts.


No less striking was the personal life of a singer – he was officially married five times. From two marriages he had a son and a daughter, and wife Leticia they adopted two girls from Vietnam.

In his long career, johnny Halliday, there are over four hundred tour. Hundreds of songs in the style of “rock” now fill a niche in popular music of France. His concerts were visited by over 15 million viewers. By 2005, it sold over 100 million albums, and 18 of his albums went platinum. Holliday also wrote a lot of songs in the style of chanson and made music for films. Fans even called the French singer “Elvis Presley”. One of the messages creativity Holliday even described as: “the Part of America was brought by him in the national Pantheon of France.” President Emmanuel macron has brought condolences to the relatives of the singer.