Jonathan Zidane (Secret Story 9) : His brother is his real look-alike !

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Jonathan Zidane and his little brother, the 12 August 2017 in Marseille.

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The French have discovered and enjoyed in Secret Story 9 (NT1) before it participates in the 9th season of the Angels of reality tv NRJ12 a few months ago, Jonathan Zidane is one of the best known faces of reality tv at the moment. This face, the charming father of the family shared in a manner almost identical with his little brother !

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Indeed, on the account Instagram of Jonathan, whose the secret in SS9 was, one recalls, of being the cousin of Zinedine Zidane ! – he does not hesitate to reveal behind-the-scenes of his family life and when he takes the pose with his brother @d__imi, many users have noticed that it became almost impossible to differentiate them !

Saturday, August 12, for example, our starlet marseillaise has shared a new snapshot in the company of this famous brother and, again, the resemblance was more than striking. “The same head, you look like too !”, “You are twins ?”, “The same, is mind-blowing,” “The likeness, which KILLS !”, “I’ve got you confused !!”, “I don’t even know which one is” Jonathan, could you suddenly read in the comments.

On the 8th of July, Jonathan had already taken the floor on Instagram in order to rent the qualities of his brother. “In case of hard blow, only the brotherhood you will find ! #brothers #life”, indicated it in the caption of a selfie.

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