Jordan Peele will do a restart of the series twilight zone

Джордан Пил займется перезапуском сериала Сумеречная зона

CBS TV Studios has signed a contract with Jordan peel and Simon Tinbergen on the set of the restart of the series “the twilight zone”.

As reported by THR, the season will consist of 10 episodes and filming will begin in the next two months.

“We have a scenic room, the first season of concepts, sketches and other things – at different stages – all ten episodes of the first season. We stand firmly in the way and should start shooting in the next couple of months,” – said the representative of the CBS TV Julie McNamara.

It is noted that due to the format of the anthology series will not need a constant show-run, but the production will follow Greg Yaitanes.

The original “the twilight zone” appeared on CBS from 1959 to 1964. In 1983, Steven Spielberg shot the feature-length film based on the series, also 80-ies of the series was also revived for another three seasons. In 2002 was likewise an attempt to return to the series popularity, but he lasted only one season.

As previously reported, Henry Cavill wants to play a major role in the Netflix series “the Witcher”.

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