Jouhainna and Paul-Andre move to France

The incredible reunion of Jouhainna Lebel and Paul-André Brissette, who discovered in March that they were brother and sister, are told as far as France. After being revealed by La Tribune, the story has made the tour of Quebec and attracted the attention of producers of the French program Mille et une vies.

The two Sherbrooks gave an interview to the animator Frédéric Lopez, an interview that was broadcast on June 13 on France 2. The title of the episode is “Family secret: discover that we have brothers and sisters”.

It is now possible to view it on the official YouTube page of the program, which reaches an average of 600,000 viewers per episode.

Jouhainna Lebel and Paul-André Brissette, both adopted in Macao by Quebec families, were unaware of the family ties that united them before initiating research on their own to find their origins.

If they had known each other for fifteen years, they had never really suspected that they could come from the same family. We also saw them recount their reunion at the last show of Everybody speaks about it.

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