Journalist Michael Bohm commented on his arrest in Moscow

A reporter from USA Michael Bohm, living in Moscow, spoke about the media reports about his detention. So, a reporter no one was arrested, but also to communicate with the security forces he had.


About the Boma, the police came to his house and checked the documents. After that he was asked to drive to the police station where he was forced to write an explanatory note. Bohm thought it was strange, the more checked his documents two policemen and as many employees of the migration service. According to the journalist, the large number of staff but they behaved politely and correctly.

Michael believes that what happened there is a political context, although, as he recalled one of the police officers he jokingly said that in this way he will have to answer for sanctions.

Michael Bohm living in Russia for almost 20 years, he is fluent in Russian. The journalist is constantly involved in the political show, where criticizing the Kremlin’s actions.