Journalist sources: $ 125,000 to represent the SPVM at the Board of Inquiry

The City of Montreal has decided to hire a private law firm to represent its police service at the Commission of Inquiry on the Protection of the Confidentiality of Journalistic Sources.

The metropolis retained the services of the firm Battista Turcot Israel Corbo, which could receive up to $ 125,000 under this mandate.

The Montreal Police Service (SPVM) intends to apply for participant status in the hearings, in order, inter alia, to be able to suggest witnesses to be heard and to question those who will appear before the Commission.

Montréal also intends to take part in the hearings by requesting intervenor status, considering that certain facts that triggered the Commission “relate to activities attributable to City officials and officers”. For this part, the metropolis decided to rely on its own lawyers to represent it.

In order to justify the use of a private firm to represent the SPVM, the City relies on “the confidentiality requirements related to files being investigated or judiciary”.

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