Julia Vignali and Kad Merad : “We are a happy couple, they lead a simple life”

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Kad Merad and his girlfriend Julia Vignali – the 6th edition of the ceremony of the Magritte of cinema in Brussels, Belgium on February 6, 2016.

Rare insights from the host about his companion.

Julia Vignali will be on the M6 from the 17th October to the orders of the Best Pastry chef, who delights his son Luigi, 11 years, born of his marriage with Julien (writer, whom she is separated since 2014). But not only that, her lover is also going to have a feast of desserts that the facilitator dishing or will look to do in the program.

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In the magazine Gala, Julia Vignali (41 years) lets go to some confidences on his companion, the director and actor Kad Merad. The duo is not fond of the outputs worldly and rarely displayed together – they had seen on the evening of Magritte in 2016. For the magazine, the beautiful Julia is, however, permitted to speak of his love for the past three years, which has exploded the box office with Bienvenue chez les Ch’tis : “I am lucky to have a man greedy, but nice and very understanding. I could make him a cake completely missed, he would applaud the intent.”

But it is not only a question of cake in the interview. “We are a happy couple, they lead a simple life, said Julia Vignali their half. He shoots, I have mine. But I love it, it is super ! It should not be too much see, this is the secret. [laughs] We find our equilibrium in the independence and mutual admiration.”

Last year for the magazine Grazia, she spoke of his taste for independence : “Me, I’m a free woman who is a single child. I find it fulfilling to be independent. At age 40, it no longer exists through a man, but by himself, and I think he is class.”

Read the full article in the magazine Gala October 11, 2017

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