Julianne Moore performs Opera arias and is captured in the trailer of the film.

Джулианна Мур исполняет оперные арии и попадает в плен в трейлере фильма Бельканто

Published trailer of the Thriller “Belcanto” in which Julianne Moore plays the role of an Opera diva named Roxane COSS. A video posted on the Youtube channel of the company Screen Media Films, who distributes the film.

The film will be released on September 14. She tells of the singer, who is sent to South America to perform at a party in honor of the birthday of a Japanese industrialist Katsumi Hosokawa. At the festival gathers many of the noble guests. The concert, however, disrupt the terrorists, who captured all those present. In exchange for them, the militants were demanding the release from prison of their comrades. Negotiations with the terrorists continued throughout the month.

The Director of the film was made by Paul Weitz, who previously directed the TV series “Mozart in the jungle”. The role of the industrialist was played by Ken Watanabe, who also played businessman in “the Beginning” (2010) by Christopher Nolan.

Vocals instead of Julianne Moore plays an American Opera singer renée Fleming. Previously, she participated in the creation of the soundtrack to “Lord of the rings” and “hobbit”.

The basis of the film’s plot is based on the eponymous novel by Ann Patchett. The writer, in turn, was inspired by the real events of 1996. Then in Peru, terrorists captured about 500 diplomats and officials from different countries.

As previously reported, the first trailer of the series “a Joke” in which Jim Carrey plays a leading child transmission.

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