July blood Moon: What you need to know about the lunar Eclipse on 27 July

Июльская кровавая Луна: Что нужно знать о лунном затмении 27 июля

The land in anticipation of a full lunar Eclipse. It will happen on July 27 and should be truly unique.

The fact that it will be the longest full lunar Eclipse in the 21st century. And to see it virtually all the residents of our planet. In addition to the population of a single continent.

In anticipation of a significant event describe the details of what awaits us.

What is a total lunar Eclipse?

A lunar Eclipse occurs when the Moon enters the cone of shadow cast by the Earth. A total lunar Eclipse is when the Moon during an Eclipse is entirely included within the shadow of the Earth.

The main difference between lunar eclipses and solar – tinted view of the moon from any point of the Earth where it is visible, almost identical. While solar eclipses are seen only in a limited area.

One of the most famous terms related to lunar eclipses, known as blood Moon.

What is a “blood Moon”?

“Red” or “bloody” Moon occurs when during the Eclipse the Moon is not yet closed part of the earth, but is already fully covered by the shadow of the earth’s atmosphere. It is quite rare.

When and where will be possible to see a lunar Eclipse on July 27?

A total lunar Eclipse will occur on July 27, 2018. Total running time is about 103 minutes.

It will be the second total lunar Eclipse in 2018, after the first, which occurred in January.

The Eclipse will be fully visible in East Africa, Central and South Asia, and Antarctica.

In South America, West Africa and Europe, the Eclipse will begin at sunrise of the moon, East Asia and Australia — on the contrary, when entering.

The Eclipse will not be able to see only the inhabitants of North America.

Will the Eclipse be seen in Ukraine?

Yes, you can. Best of all, it will be seen in the Eastern regions of Ukraine. Roughly to start watching the Eclipse at about 22 hours local time.

Is it safe to watch a lunar Eclipse?

Unlike solar absolutely safe. You can watch with your naked eye and using optical devices.

For surveillance do not need any special equipment (such as filters), as you will not look directly at the Sun: it is only the reflection of his light from the moon.

Because there is no risk to damage your eyes with direct sunlight.

In order to get a better view of the lunar Eclipse, it can be observed through binoculars or a telescope.

In General, expect and prepare.

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