Justice Ministry: Couples who got married thanks to marriage day divorce less frequently

Минюст: Пары, которые поженились благодаря услуге брак за сутки разводятся реже

The Deputy Minister of justice on issues of state registration of Elena Sukmanova said that couples who got married through the services “Marriage for a day” divorce less frequently than those who married in the usual way and before marriage had a month to think. About it reports a press-service of the Ministry of justice.

The Ministry said that during the period of operation of services – from July 2016 to July 2018 were collected statistics. In particular, it was found that the percentage of couples who got married in a standard way is 1.9%, and among those who married during the day is 1.6%. The Deputy Minister added that of the 38 444 thousand couples who were married during the day, only got divorced 615.

“I think these figures are the best answer to the skeptics who criticized the justice Department for the implementation of such services, arguing that a quick marriage will be as fast and disintegrate,” said an official of the Ministry of justice.

The Ministry added that the most popular this service is in Kiev – almost 7 thousand marriages, Odessa – almost 6 thousand marriages, Mariupol – more than 2.6 thousand, in Lviv – 2,5 thousand, the city – more than 2 thousand, Kharkiv – 1,8 thousand, Chernivtsi – 1.2 thousand marriages.

Recall, the Kiev document-service “Willing” launched the service of registration of marriages per day in mid-August 2016.

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