Justin Bieber got into a fight over a girl

Джастин Бибер ввязался в драку из-за девушки

Justin Bieber has taken on the responsibilities of a superhero, and here for a week helping strangers. First, the musician called the ambulance for a man who lost consciousness in the street, and now stood up for her. The insider said that at the festival “Coachella” Bieber was a witness “family feud”.

The unknown man, being in a condition of narcotic intoxication, grabbed his former girlfriend by the throat and wouldn’t let her go. Justin Bieber quickly reacted and hit the offender in the face, freeing the stranger. After rowdy was expelled from the party, and he started to “watch” Bieber on the street. Seeing the SUV artist, he began to beat him on the leg and shout the name of Justin, believing that he is inside. As a result, the festival organizers called the police. The man was arrested.

By the way, at the Coachella festival, Justin arrived with the new girl. About the mysterious brunette we only know that her name is Charissa Kittmer. Judging by the description on her profile in Instagram, she travels a lot, photographing and propagandirovat vegetarianism.