Justin Bieber plays the hero at Coachella

Justin Bieber joue les héros à Coachella

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Justin Bieber did not hesitate to play the hero during the feast of his friend Patrick Schwarzenegger, the son of the famous actor Arnold, held Saturday at the music festival Coachella in California.

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The pop singer, 24 years of age would not have hesitated to intervene when he saw a woman being violently taken by a man. According to witnesses of the scene, Justin Bieber is said to have seized the man, possibly intoxicated by the drug, and would have pressed against a wall after being seen grabbing a woman by the throat.

The singer came to enjoy the evening with one of his friends when the man complained of would suddenly pissed off, before attacking the one that seemed to be his ex-girlfriend.

Justin Bieber and his friend stepped in and tried then to persuade the aggressor to calm down. Seeing that he did not hear, reason, the interpreter of “Baby” would have hit him in the face before you place it against a wall. The security would then intervened to force the man to leave.

He was arrested later for having made a scene outside for the evening while he was attempting to pursue what he thought would be the SUV of Justin Bieber.