Justin Bieber will he give up music for religion?

Justin Bieber va-t-il abandonner la musique pour la religion?

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Justin Bieber became a committed believer since his baptism in 2014 for the christian church evangelical power pentecostal Hillsong, after a few troubled years.

Recently, he has encouraged his fans to think about the true meaning of Easter, writing on Instagram : “Easter is not a rabbit, it is a reminder that my Jesus died for my sins…”

Happy easter

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A source has told the magazine Heat that her faith is growing and could push to leave the showbiz.

“For Justin, keep the faith is very important. After having experienced so many pressures related to the glory, the stories of family and the loss of the love of his life, he was saved. Religion is the only thing that keeps Justin in the right way. There is even a part of him that is tempted to give up music and devote his life to Jesus. He says that it is the greatest source of joy that exists,” says the source.

Last month, the canadian singer has split once again from his girlfriend Selena Gomez, who also attends masses at the church of Hillsong Los Angeles. Since he would have the feeling of having experienced a “rebirth”, Justin Bieber would have re-evaluated its priorities and wishes to show through more significantly in his new faith.

The singer of Sorry became a member of Hillsong church, after having several times made to face justice for drug use, vandalism, and careless driving.

The church, which attracts a congregation of celebrities, is led by pastor Carl Lentz who has baptized the star in 2014, and helped to change his life.

“He always likes to party, but not as much as before. He said that there was a small voice in his head that told him to stop, said the source, adding that Justin also loves to attend the masses of Churchome in Beverly Hills. The first rows are reserved to him and to his friends, and it is a place where they can go and receive the VIP treatment.”