Justin Bieber would be in depression and would receive currently treatments

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Justin Bieber may currently be being treated by doctors for the treatment of depression, according to the magazine People.

The singer would feel “sad and tired” for some time, and would have thus made the choice of treatment for the good of his mental health. Many sources would be assigned to the magazine of new art and have found that the depression that Justin would not be linked to Hailey Baldwin and / or his status as a new married.

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“This has nothing to do with Hailey. He is very happy to be married to her. This is just another thing with which he is struggling mentally,” can it be read.

Hailey and Justin have recently made the cover of the magazine Vogue, where they talked about their wedding and their vow of chastity before their wedding.

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The ransom of glory

Justin Bieber had already been entrusted to have issues with his status of “featured” and all the negatives that entails.

“It is very sensitive and is having a hard time with the fact to be known – it is follow-up, the fans spy his every move, the cameras are pointed at her face. All of this is that it can never go unnoticed, and it often has the impression that everyone wants to put their hands on him,” says the magazine People, a source close to the star.

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We hope that Justin Bieber found health!