Justin Trudeau began his visit to Washington

trudeau-barack-obama-saluentUS President Barack Obama welcomed Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in style Thursday, stressing that the two countries were the greatest of friends – even if they never hear is about who makes the best beer or which is the best hockey.

Justin Trudeau and his wife Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau arrived in bright sunshine, in the morning on the lawn of the White House. They were welcomed by the US president and his wife, Michelle.

In a speech about twenty minutes, Barack Obama recalled that 40 years ago, another Canadian Prime Minister was received in Washington – Pierre Eliott Trudeau – to carry the same message as his son, “States STATES were the greatest friend and the greatest ally of Canada. ”

Mr. Obama acknowledged that Americans rarely express their appreciation to the place of their northern neighbors. “I never saw the Americans as excited for the arrival of a Canadian prime minister,” he added.

For the occasion, the US president said a few words in French. He began his speech by saying “Hello” and he concluded by saying he was happy to receive “my friends” Canadians.

In his speech, Justin Trudeau said that there was no similar relationship to that between Canada and the United States for centuries. “We grew up together,” he said.

In French, Mr. Trudeau said he would discuss with the president of several important issues for both countries, including climate change, security and trade.

Jokingly, Canadian Prime Minister highlighted the contribution of “Canadian exports” – Canadian hockey players – the team of the Chicago Blackhawks, who won the last Stanley Cup.

Hundreds of people gathered in front of the White House to attend the awards ceremony and several dignitaries were present, including Secretary of State John Kerry and advisor for national security Susan Rice.

Justin Trudeau and Barack Obama then headed to the prestigious Oval Office of the White House, where they will have a face-to-face. A joint press conference will be held in the late morning.

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