Justin Trudeau will trigger there early elections?

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OTTAWA – as the prime minister Justin Trudeau has always asserted its intention to comply with the law providing for elections on a fixed date, which are scheduled for 21 October, the opposition in Ottawa is wondering if the liberal leader will wait until then before you call Canadians to the polls.

Next fall, the ethics commissioner has completed his investigation into the allegations of interference by the office of the prime minister in the folder SNC-Lavalin, the report might be made public in the course of the summer.

The government will also be called into question in mid-August, when will begin the trial of vice-admiral Mike Norman, accused of breach of trust for having passed secrets of the council of ministers. These lawyers denounce the interference of the office of the prime minister and the former president of the treasury Board, Scott Bryson, is also pointed out.

“If the political calculation of Mr. Trudeau is to make an election in the spring because he thinks he reproaches against him and his team, it will be up to him to pay the political price,” said conservative mp Pierre Paul-Hus.

The opposition parties say they are ready for any eventuality.

“It is sure that they are enmeshed in scandals at the moment and they might try to cut it short with early elections,” said the mp néodémocrate Alexandre Boulerice.

In opposition, some believe that current conditions may not be favourable to the liberals, but the polls still give a slight lead to the liberal Party of Canada on the conservative Andrew Scheer.

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