KADNAY band has released a music video for the song Lullaby

Группа KADNAY выпустила клип на песню Колискова

Ukrainian KADNAY band unveiled a new video for the track “Lullaby”. Heroes of steel music video in love man and woman who went on a journey. The video posted on the official YouTube page of the band.

“This song is a “feeling” – on the verge of the fictional and the real history of relations between two people who easily overcome any border. The picture of the world is portrayed inside”, – commented on the composition of the musicians.

The main role in the clip was performed by Arseniy Markov and Katerina Molchanova. The latter is known for his roles in the films “My grandmother Fanni Kaplan” and “black Level”.

The music video was directed Max Deliveryi. He previously created a video for the song KADNAY – Symphony Of Love, Hitchcock and Empty Shades. “He wanted to experiment… to Show something more subtle, intangible, play not in love and not in lust, but to find the feelings that are trying to hide. This work is about the moment of happiness, which, like a comet, burned in the second. Before you know it and it’s gone,” he told the music video.

As previously reported, in his new video for “Without you” Lviv rock group “Chaste of Cotta” sang in the background of the sights of Chernivtsi and Kamyanets-Podilskyi.

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