KAMAZ increased car production by 13% over 11 months

The Russian company “KAMAZ” for the first 11 months of the current year increased production of automotive vehicles by 13% compared to last year’s result, or almost 35 300 cars. Relevant information was shared by the press service of the automaker.


From January to November of this year “KAMAZ” has made 35 of 287 vehicles, corresponding to growth of 13%. In the past month with the conveyor went 4 380 trucks KAMAZ. In addition, the company issued 4 605 engines for November 2017 vs 4 228 units a year earlier (+9%). With the beginning of the year production volume of engines reached just over 32 500 units.

In addition, during the reporting months, the Russian automaker has supplied automotive components to the amount of 20.84 billion rubles (+44%) and diversified products by 6.17 billion rubles (+12%). In November KAMAZ passed to consumers spare parts total cost of 2 billion rubles (+12%) and products of diversification to 620 million rubles (+11%).