“Kaspersky lab” answered suspicion in espionage in Britain

“Kaspersky lab” confident that the allegations that its software was allegedly used to gather information by the Russian government in the UK, are groundless and defamatory.


In a press-service of the Department assured that the assertion in the Financial Times article which appeared on the eve associated exclusively with information taken from unnamed sources, and therefore completely impossible to trust them, but verify especially.
In the GCHQ of the UK have reported concerns that the antivirus “Kaspersky Lab”, which is for customers of online Bank Barclays was offered on a free basis. As a result, all appealed to the fact that supposedly it was used, most likely, in the interests of the employees of the Russian special services.

In addition, it is also reported about the fact that British Bank in the near future plans to cease cooperation with the company “Laboratory company”, because, according to the official, “commercial”.

At the moment, “Kaspersky Lab” intends to continue working with Barclays Bank, providing product structures for home use, “said the Manager of the British branch of “virus” Adam Maskatiya.