“Kaspersky’s laboratory” has warned about possible targets of hackers in 2018

Developers of legal software in 2018 will face, according to experts of “Kaspersky Lab”, with a slightly modified strategy attacks hacker organizations.


Experts believe that the number of attacks will grow. And this time it will be forwarded to developers of legitimate software. Also as purposes examines technological enterprises. Attack are no longer the ultimate goal is, as a rule, large companies with multi-layered and reliable protection. In such cases, it is much easier to exploit the intermediary, which may be the maker of the popular programs that are used in the vast corporate segment“, – stated in the message.

Attack popular this year of the ransomware has shown that technological networks can also be vulnerable, and, in many cases, even more than corporate.

The damage from malware activity in technological networks is much higher than in the corporate and personnel actions in case of cyber attacks, in most cases, arranged quite inefficient. The combination of these factors makes industrial systems as attractive targets for attacks using ransomware, “- said the experts of “Kaspersky Lab”.