Kate Middleton was noticed in a favorite tiara of Princess Diana

At the annual reception at Buckingham Palace hosted in honor of the imminent onset of Christmas, Kate Middleton spotted with a favorite decoration popular favorite of Princess Diana. The Duchess wore a tiara, which he loved to wear Princess.


Experts find it difficult to estimate the cost of the tiara, which became an integral part of the solemn form of a darling of the British society of Princess Diana. According to some estimates, this jewelry over a hundred years. The wife of Prince William, the Duchess of Cambridge has not reached such a level of respect among their populations as a departed Princess.


The Duchess was the cause of the rumors, when one of the charity events Kate Middleton found time to appear in a dress already worn a few years ago. The biggest recent news was the statement of the wife of Prince William on her intention to give birth to their fourth child. Note that at the moment she’s pregnant with their third child.