Katya IOWA: “if you lose something on the way to a dream, gain more”

Катя IOWA: «Теряя что-то на пути к мечте, приобретаешь больше»

And here’s an interview with Cosmo Kate gives not first, but each time to chat with the artist all the more interesting.

When did you realize that your group became popular? How things have changed your life and dreams?

I went to St. Petersburg with his “poster of desires”, and move to St. Petersburg was part of those dreams. Started casting, we have applied for competitions, worked in a factory, painted candles, the whole team, and at this time the radio was playing our songs: “Simple”, “Mom”. But then we did not realize that is gaining momentum in popularity. It was just weird and nice. Surprisingly, we like the guys that we dream, set goals but don’t expect anything till now.

What I had to sacrifice work and creativity?

Choosing a business, you need to be stable. I learned not to emozionanti, not to make decisions rashly, because it is possible to destroy relationships that have been built for many years. But rather, not sacrifice, and the acquired knowledge and skills. Even when you’ve lost something on the way to the dream, then acquire many times more. The flight schedules slipping, and it happens the most difficult test, weakness in the muscles leads to weakness of ligaments, the voice can take, and it is difficult for us, because the work always alive.

Катя IOWA: «Теряя что-то на пути к мечте, приобретаешь больше»

How is the marriage in terms of cooperation? What’s it like to be on stage with her husband? (Catherine is married to guitarist Leonid Tereshchenko — approx.ed.)

The first two years of our affair, we talked a lot and thought about how our relationship might interfere with the work of the group. All of it was nonsense, we are in the comfort zones of each other, without our Union would not have such our songs. We inspire each other. Sometimes Lenya plays for me in a circle the same passage as long as I’m not revealed until the text will flow on the pages of the diary. He is my biggest critic and my inspiration. We believe in each other, grow together.

How did the relationship after the wedding?

We were together for 10 years, I do not remember myself “to” Laziness. We like the same music, we have the same thoughts, feel the life. After the wedding, we became closer spiritually, it took all the awkwardness, all the questions disappeared. We live together, work together to create music; create it in silence, in love, building itself around the energy of trust. Always genuinely talking about issues I don’t know how it grows in you, always give from what you think. And Leon is very wise, he feels the mood swings. To share and speak is very effective. This eliminates many problems. Parting for the day, we do a lot of texting, and I love these letters.

Which songs do you like more?

“The same thing” and new song “Silent to me”

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