In Kazakhstan judge a man who fought in the ranks of the Donbas militants

The defendant explains his participation in armed conflict “ideological considerations”.
In Astana, the trial of 30-year-old Eugene Vdovenko Kazakhs who fought on the side of the Donbas terrorists. This was reported by local media.

The court accuses him of unlawful participation in the events in Ukraine.

“Vdovenko charged with an offense under Article 162-1 of the Criminal Code (participation in foreign armed conflict),” – said the judge Galina Bylkilova.

The defendant during his interrogation in an armed conflict in Ukraine explained ideological considerations.

“I myself Ukrainian, followed the developments in Ukraine … I decided that I should go there” – he said.

“I began to correspond with the guys looking … volunteer militias gathered a group with all CIS countries there were people from Azerbaijan, Russia . Then went to the city krasnodon “- said Vdovenko.

He argues that with the other members of illegal armed groups “carried the inhabitants of humanitarian aid, put out fires, guarding the road that was only towards the Russian Federation.”

Reportedly, Article 162-1 of the Criminal Code provides for participation in armed conflict or military operations in a foreign country with no signs of mercenary. Punishable by imprisonment for a term of three to seven years.

Earlier it was reported that Poland violated the first criminal case against the Poles who fought on the side of the terrorists in eastern Ukraine.

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