Kernes: Kharkiv citizens feel safe

Кернес: Харьковчане чувствуют себя в безопасности

The mayor of Kharkiv Gennady Kernes convinced of the need to properly draw conclusions from the recent fire at city hall. He said this broadcast “112 Ukraine”.

“I would like to say that I don’t want to discuss a crazy person who is having their own motives, who shot the city hall, aiming to shot the guards killed his wife to this tragedy. This suggests that he had the intention to commit a very daring crimes. The offender eliminated, and we must make conclusions with what is happening,” said the mayor.

Speaking about the situation in the city, the mayor of Kharkiv said that he, and Kharkov feel safe. Asked about the celebrations for flag Day and independence, Kernes said that the city is ready to celebrate.

“First, the laying of flowers. Further, the concerts, all ready for the celebration,” he said.

Note, August 23, Kharkiv also commemorates the liberation from Nazism. In this regard, in the city were festive events with the participation of city leaders, community representatives and clergy.

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