Kevin O’Leary leaves race to support Maxime Bernier

(Quebec) Conservative candidate and businessman Kevin O’Leary has abandoned the leadership race of the Conservative Party of Canada because he says he can not win without Quebec’s support. Beauce, Maxime Bernier.

“It was for the good of the party and for the country that I made that decision,” O’Leary told the Globe and Mail on Wednesday . The businessman says he will put all his time and resources to help Maxime Bernier win the vote of the members and therefore beat Justin Trudeau in 2019.

Kevin O’Leary explained that since he announced his candidacy in January he has seen his support increase across Canada, with the exception of Quebec, where he has not been able to cross the 12% mark. He believes that the party must win at least 30 seats in the province to be able to defeat the Liberals in the next election.

The ex-dragon believes that Maxime Bernier is the only candidate in the race for the estate of Stephen Harper who can get so many supports.

Maxime Bernier has to react to this coup in a joint press conference with his ex-rival to be held in Toronto at 4:30 pm. A debate between all 13 candidates is also scheduled in the Queen City in the evening on Wednesday.

The Conservative Party will announce the identity of its future leader on May 27.

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