In Kharkiv create public territorial defense headquarters

In addition, social activists join the strategic assets of Kharkiv and endeavor of law enforcement in and around strategic facilities.
Activists in Odessa today announced the launch of a public headquarters of territorial defense area .

The structure of the initiative includes a number of civic organizations authorized by the Kharkiv Euromaidan “social worth” Charitable Foundation “Peace and Order”, a volunteer group «Help Army», NGO “AutoMaidan” NGO “union”, “social self-defense Kharkiv” “Right Sector”, “defense committee Maidan” and so on.

According to a member of staff of public defense region Igor Rosohy, their new initiative – not in any way substitute the national authorities in the defense sector.

“Our task – not the substitution of military, government authorities. Our task – to mobilize the society to repel possible aggression to maintain peace in our region. This headquarters brings together those organizations that are protecting our homeland. Logically, the need to coordinate and cooperate with state institutions for defense and Kharkiv region “, – said Rosoha.

A press release from the Public Defence Staff of the main goals see: increase combat readiness, participation in public order, combating terrorism, promoting border and measures of social defense, countering Russian aggression information.

In addition, according to a member of staff Igor Tolmachev, community activists join the strategic assets of Kharkiv and preserve law and order on the city and at strategic sites. He said discussions are underway with the regional and city police of involvement of civil society activists to maintain order on city streets to residents feel safe and not afraid to frequent provocations from the so-called “Kharkiv guerrillas” in the form of night explosions. He added that their patrols work closely with rapid response MIA.

During autumn in Kharkiv cases of laying explosive devices at railway stations, at the Ministry of Defense and military units Natshvardiyi and at the military hospital. All explosions SBU considers under “intentional damage to property by the explosion.” Also explosion in a rock pub “The Wall” by the SBU is investigating an article about the attack.

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