Kharkov the first in Ukraine started the project Smart City UA

Kharkiv city Council and the company “Vodafone Ukraine” started a joint work on the project “Smart City EN”. The Memorandum of cooperation signed by the mayor Gennady Kernes and the General Director of the company Olga Ustinova, according to the portal of the Kharkiv city Council.

The parties agreed that the Kharkiv will utilize high-speed Internet and other technologies “Vodafone Ukraine” for the development of transport, administrative services, security, the environment, and the like.

Kharkiv using the phone will be able to pass the administrative procedures, to use electronic public transport timetables and to pay the fare is to book the Parking, keep track of documents, control of electronic queue.

The city Council will benefit from these infrastructure opportunities: transportation management in real-time with traffic lights, crossings; energy – operational and economical control of lighting and alternative energy sources; security digital monitoring system traffic and crime situation as well as emergency notification of the population.

The first results of Kharkiv will be able to see in 2020.”Vodafone” operates in 80 countries, and we are proud to use all accumulated in the “Smart City” experience on the basis of such metropolis as Kharkov, – said Olga Ustinova before signing the Memorandum. Digital platform project located in Germany and certified to the highest safety standards. We have agreements with the leading manufacturers of smartphones, and they confirm the prospects of the pilot project in Kharkiv.”

Gennady Kernes stressed that Kharkiv has already begun to implement the principles of “smart city”.”Making the first steps in administrative services and transport, we evaluated the advantages of this approach and want to walk this path fully, as for example in Singapore or Tokyo. I thank Vodafone and our team, a lot of work ahead,” said the mayor of Kharkov.

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