Kharkov, who took delivery in the front seat of the car I Remembered all the horrors with trainings for future mothers

Харьковчанка, принявшая роды на переднем сидении машины:  Вспомнились все ужасы с тренингов для будущих мам

Kharkov, who took delivery in the front seat of the car: “I Remembered all the horrors of training for pregnant women”
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Cut the cord already arrived on a call the doctor. Photo: Facebook

A mother with a newborn was discharged from the hospital, the child was named Sophia.

In Lyubotin of Kharkov region were extreme pregnancy – baby decided to be born on the way to the hospital: the mother had no how to give birth to a daughter in the front seat, and take little girl had friend-the driver.

“Cry, please cry.”

Valeria Velikotsky the mother of two children. Friend Helen asked me to drive her to the hospital because she went into labor. The mother and her eldest daughter, Valerie planted in his car, only to get to the hospital women do not have time – Elena’s water broke.

– I wrapped in the first lane, paused, look – head, say: “Lena, push”, – recalls with a laugh, the emergence of Sophia in the light of Valeria. The daughter spoke only one thing – “Cry, please cry!”. I was thinking, if the child now screaming, what will I do? But the girl had done, cried at once!

Sofia was born in the eyes of his older sister.

– To reassure Lena didn’t have time – there’s the head! Daughter Natasha was scared, and fell on his knees, crying. When the doctor came, I hugged her, she was trembling, screaming that she will never give birth, smiles Valerie. – Imagine the front seat of the car, one hand I spread it out to lay down a second hand to catch the child that he fell on the floor, the girl went right on my hands! At that moment I remembered everything they taught me when I was pregnant, all the trainings that we went through. He remembered everything! I thought that everything was forgotten, as it is I have no use for, but it was like a flash: if slime – suck, if entwined, Jogging to remove that cord. All the horrors that were shown at the trainings for future mothers, remembered in that moment!

“Who is teasing the dog?”

The car with the woman was parked at one of the private houses, suspicious activity in the yard and the shouts of excited dog. The animal was torn from the bark, already the mistress of the house came out to fight.

The woman of the house came and said, “What’s going on? Who is teasing the dog?” Then I saw did very well and brought us a blanket, a diaper. When the doctor said that I washed. Look at myself, and my hands are stained with blood. And I’m afraid of blood crazy! Even in the faint of view alone may fall! Even on the meat market do not come. My hands and cry – so I’m afraid, words can not convey! But the fear came later, when the doctor came, when Lena began to prick injections, to separate the placenta. Then otpaivali water Natasha, though herself a coward, – says “KP in Ukraine” Valeria.

Харьковчанка, принявшая роды на переднем сидении машины:  Вспомнились все ужасы с тренингов для будущих мам

The girl took the driver of the car and after put the baby on the mother’s breast. Photo: Facebook

“You brought us, you and us will take”

However, this mission friend was finished, it turned out that the woman cannot move, and that’s ler will have to bore a friend to a hospital in Kharkiv.

– As she gave birth and had to be transported. I understand that we still have an hour and a half of road have, therefore, an urgent need to take yourself in hand. We stopped at a gas station, had to get gas, and the Lena put in an IV. I come to the window to pay for gas, and the girl-the cashier asks, “are You okay?”. And I can’t to get the money your hands are shaking! I say, “No, I’m fine”, and she said, “And who bad? Why the doctor in the car?”, and I said, “no, that girl was born, I just sort of accepted,” laughs Valerie.

The hospital company has reached without adventures. The other day mom and Sophia were discharged, they were taken from Kharkov Lera on the same machine.

Lena joked: “You brought us, you and us will take” – smiles Valery Melicocca.

The issue with the christening of Sophia has not yet been discussed, but to become the godmother of a little girl Lera don’t mind.

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