Kherson suffer from the smell: Beneath the city for almost a kilometer scattered bird droppings

Херсон страдает от вони: Под городом почти на километр разбросали птичий помет

Kherson was enveloped in a stink: people complain about the bad smell in the air in all parts of the city. In the Department of civil protection and defence of the work of the local administration suggest is a consequence of the fact that the field near the city was evacuated waste from the poultry industry, reports “UKRINFORM”.

“On August 7 received numerous complaints from citizens from all the districts of Kherson on the stench in the air. Operative group GU of Goschs previously discovered the source of pollution in the form of taken on the field of poultry waste outside the bypass road near the village Muzykivka of Belozersky district. Waste is unloaded on a field in the area stretching for almost a kilometer. And the wind that blows from there in the direction of Kherson, brings a stink to the city,” – said the publication in the Department.

According to local newspaper on the scene now working environmentalists. The Director of the environmental Department of the regional state administration Yury Poputka said that you have already installed the culprit of the discomfort of Kherson – a poultry farm of agricultural holding “Avangard”, which is located in the East village.

“In place of natural landfill litter was discovered machine company, which were unloaded on the open ground in an unprocessed state (litter). Now it is expected the arrival of the police”, – is summarized in the message.

Meanwhile, citizens continue to be outraged that their government does not inform about the causes of the stench in the town and the fix, so for tomorrow, August 9, announced a rally near Kherson city Council. Its kickoff is scheduled for 12:00.

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