In Kiev was training troops before a planned military parade

training troops on Khreshchatyk
training troops on Khreshchatyk

In Kiev on Khreshchatyk was training troops before a planned military parade to mark the 23rd anniversary of Independence of Ukraine. According to the press service of the Defense Ministry of Ukraine.
It is learned that in the dress rehearsal of the parade was attended by troops of all units that are part of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, including a combined battalion took part in anti-terrorist operations in eastern Ukraine.
Passing march past the makeshift podium, the men shouted “Glory to Ukraine – Hero of glory.”
“Unlike many previous ones, this year’s military parade held in conditions when the country in very difficult conditions defending the eastern border. Therefore be quite symbolic passing on August 24 Khreshchatyk summary” boxes “ATO, which included 120 combatants in eastern Ukraine” – stressed the Office.
Also reported that drove Khreshchatyk wheel military equipment, including the latest designs: BTR-3E, BTR-4YE, armored vehicles KrAZ Sougar. Then moved multiple launch rocket systems fire “Bastion-1” and the most powerful MLRS – “Tornado” Air-Air-Defense “Wasp”, “Tochka-U”. Locked convoy of military equipment S-300.
According to the Minister of Defence of Ukraine, Colonel General Valery Geletey in the parade will be attended Armed Forces Natshvardiyi, Ministry of Internal Affairs and the State Border Service.
“In the main street of the capital will be 14 grand calculations, and all the equipment that you see now, will be 24 August, – the Minister of Defense. According to him, some vehicles will send in the counterterrorist operation zone. He also said that 24 August targeted municipalities held fireworks. ”

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