Kim Kardashian was criticized for bad outfit, barely covering her bust

Controversial American singer, Kim Kardashian, who is famous for his outrageous outfits, made a fashion blunder.
This tells “Russian conversation”.


Fans of Kim expressed that the star should be careful with such outfits, because the situation could spiral out of control.

37-year-old girl has again been in the spotlight because of his outspoken image.
It was on one of the public events, to a party at club Groove in new York.
She was wearing a light dress with a huge neckline from bust to waist at the side.

In the pictures, one can perfectly see that the thin fabric barely holds the breast Kim, and clearly that the right breast had fallen below.

Fans did not appreciate the new dress Kardashian, they found that it is not very comfortable and definitely not suited to her curves.

Noted that she is a style icon to thousands of girls, and lately she is not the first time misses the right choice of your attire.