Kimwipes in the Crimea: Five Ukrainian border guards were hospitalized

Химвыброс в Крыму: Пятеро украинских пограничников были госпитализированы

Among all Ukrainian border guards, who complained of feeling unwell due to a chemical release in the Crimea, five were hospitalized. This was announced by the representative of the State border service Oleg Slobodyan, transfers gromadske.

According to him, a total of 7 September on feeling bad complained 41 border guard.

“As for the guards, actually 41, the guard had complained of feeling unwell to the medical profession dizziness, nausea, sore throat, some rashes on the skin. Of these, five require a more detailed examination, so they sent in our Odessa hospital and there is a more qualified and will be deeply studied the causes that provoked these symptoms,” – said Slobodyan.

He added that in Kherson there are doctors from Odessa, who inspect the guards.

“But they are again ready to help local residents who can apply. You can also contact the Ukrainian citizens from the occupied Crimea”, – he said.

We will remind, in the town of Armyansk in the North annexed the Crimea there was an emission into the atmosphere of substances of unknown origin. On metal objects, rooftops, on the leaves of the trees formed oily coating having a yellowish tint. First, the representatives of the occupation authorities did not recognize the problem, but on 4 September the “Crimean government” for the first time stated that the maximum permissible concentration of sulfur dioxide in Armyansk and nearby towns exceeded the norm. Children were evacuated, local residents encouraged to spend less time outdoors.

Plant for the production of titanium dioxide – a branch of LLC “Titanium investment” will completely suspend operations on Sunday, September 9.

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