Kimwipes in the Crimea: the Analyzers show the presence of contaminants in the Kherson region

Химвыброс в Крыму: Газоанализаторы показывают наличие загрязняющих веществ в Херсонской области

The state border service (SBS) and the state service for emergency situations (SES) conducted an analysis for the presence of harmful substances in the Kherson region after chemical release from the Crimean plant “Titan”. This was announced by the Minister for the temporarily occupied territories and internally displaced persons of Ukraine Vadym Chernysh, on the sidelines of the Cabinet of Ministers, transfers “112 Ukraine”.

“A quick analysis made SBGS together with SES, the analyzers show the presence of contaminants, including one of the dangerous sulfur dioxide out there who can give sulfuric acid after reaction with water. One of these factors we are monitoring is relatively easy in the controlled area. And this gap in the information field by the occupation authorities during the week shows that they tried to cover up the real situation, because the wind came from Ukrainian controlled territory to uncontrolled” he said.

He noted that in the Kherson region hazardous substance not included in the greatest concentration.

“We will also request the monitoring of the surface of this store in order to see increases or decreases and whether the surface water, if the evaporation cans. Exactly we don’t know,” he said.

According to him, the special Commission engaged in an extended analysis: soil, water and air.

We will remind, in the village of Preobrazhenka in the Kherson region border guards yesterday found two cases of air pollution is chemical emissions from the Crimean plant “Titan”.

As reported in the town of Armyansk in the North annexed the Crimea there was an emission into the atmosphere of substances of unknown origin. On metal objects, rooftops, on the leaves of the trees formed oily coating having a yellowish tint.

The so-called “head” of the annexed Crimea Aksenov said that the situation with emissions of substances beyond the norm.

After the release of an unknown substance in Armyansk began to evacuate children.

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