Kiselev and Baribeau will have to

Quebec The ability of the Remparts to repel the Acadie-Bathurst Titan’s offensive threat in the first round series starting Friday will be directly proportional to the effectiveness of their goaltenders. This equation, even the opponent of the Red Devils has solved it!
Offensively in the absence of the Boucher, Garneau, Buynitskiy, Turcotte and Larionov, the Remparts managed to win victories in the last few games by being opportunistic, keeping the opponent’s throws outside The enclave and relying on strong performances from their goalkeepers, Evgeny Kiselev and Dereck Baribeau.
“It has been noticed that their guards have always had a very important word to say in their victories. They often kept them in the game. We remember that the last time they had come here, they had been dominated by the throws, but they had won. It was Callum Booth who was there. Kiselev and Baribeau may not have the name of Booth, but they have both excellent seasons, “said Titan head coach Mario Pouliot, who has yet to announce the identity Of his starter for the series.
Without the impending impact returns to the front, except for Yanick Turcotte on Friday, the men of Philippe Boucher will continue to use this proven recipe, while adding a physical element.
“We will have to be disciplined, not give chances to score Morand, Boivin, Miromanov and company, and play physical hockey. We think Yanick will be there for that. And Robidoux also does a good job to disturb the opponent. The important thing is to play physical hockey without getting into trouble. This is something we have done well this year. We rarely lost a game because of a stupid penalty, “said Boucher, whose training was, by far, the most disciplined of the QMJHL this season.
Three solid trios
The goal will be to slow the explosive attack of the Titan, the third of the circuit Courteau, which possesses ammunition on each of its first three trios. “They made major additions to the holidays. They have many players capable of scoring. Same as it is difficult to say what their first line is. They have three solid lines and they play well at home, “analyzed Boucher.
For his part, Pouliot believes that it is this depth that is at the base of the success of his team this year. “We have a little bit of everything: finesse, big fellows, speed. We are able to play all styles of play.
“The acquisition of Holwell, Malatesta and Dumont-Bouchard brought us a lot of depth. We knew at the start of the season that there was good potential for the attack, with Boivin, Morand, Kuznetsov and Miromanov, but Dawson Theede was a pleasant surprise, “said the coach about the forward used To all the sauces.
If Pouliot is aware of the status of favorites of his troop against the Remparts, he took great care to warn his players against this kind of prognosis. “You have to respect the Remparts. For us, it is a priority. In the playoffs, it’s another season. All counters are reset.
“We know that it is a team whose goalkeepers can steal matches and whose forwards, like Ayotte and Kurashev, are capable of scoring goals on the rush . Yes, they have many wounded, but in the series, you always have heroes you do not expect … ”

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