Kiva helped to evacuate people from the contaminated territory of the Kherson area

From the village of havrylivka Kalanchak district was today organized the evacuation of residents of three settlements on the South of Kherson region that are in relative proximity to the location of the plant “Crimean Titan” in annexed to the Crimea, where there are emissions of harmful chemicals. This was announced by the head of the Socialist party of Ukraine Ilya Kiva, which has organized the removal of people, reports the press service of the SPU on the official website, according to “KP in Ukraine”.

“The problem is nobody knew until we arrived and did not raise this issue. They (the authorities – ed.) uncomfortable, they want to remain silent about the situation. It is the fascists: they left people in the gas chambers. I accuse local authorities of negligence, sabotage, inaction, lies and crime against his people. They were silent about the problem, and this has led to irreversible problems and damage to inhabitants of the Kherson region” – said Kiva.

As explained Stremousov Kirill, the head of the Kherson regional organization of the socialist party, who also took part in the evacuation, was only taken 53 people, including 30 children. The injured were taken to the city of Koblevo Odessa region in boarding house “Paradise”, where for the next two weeks will be provided accommodation, three meals a day, and given medical care.

In addition, Kiva said that people complain of feeling unwell, frightened and confused, and reported threats from the authorities. In particular, one of the victims said that the Director of the school attended by her children, threatened her with refusal of the title “heroine Mother” in the case of publicity of problems or contributing to this action. According to eyewitnesses, some residents afraid to leave and not come to the gathering place. According to them, before these citizens received threatening phone calls.

“All night they (the secret service – ed.) called and threatened. I appeal to the security service: start to do the work, not by intimidation of Ukrainian citizens”, – said the leader of the socialist party.

He also noted that he intends to contact the police to clarify the situation and resolve the problem and will make every effort to involve the school Director to account for his illegal actions.

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