Kiva took part in the creation of a Park on the site of illegal construction in Cherry

Кива принял участие в создании парка на месте незаконной застройки в Вишневом

Cherry in place of illegal construction began to build a Park. In the work took part the head of the Socialist party of Ukraine Ilya Kiva, the press service of the SPU on the official website, writes “KP in Ukraine”.

“It will be a Park of reconciliation. Park mutual understanding and respect – that’s what I call it! This is the moment when people are able to negotiate and find common ground. When hear each other. When the developer made concessions, when the company, realizing this, also making steps towards that strengthen our country and our children’s future”, – said the head of the socialist party.

Kiva along with party members, activists and concerned residents of Cherry planted trees on the territory of the future Park.

The head of the socialist party also refuted the doubts of some participants that the developer does intend to follow the announced plan. He confirmed that the area provided for the creation of the Park is 5 ha, and it does not account for territory in which to build a kindergarten. The Kiva pointed to the plan for further development.

The event, which took place in the framework of “the Park at Cherry to be!” also took part the members of the socialist party, activists, local residents and representatives of the developer of the “Euro 2000”.

As reported, after the intervention of the head of the Socialist party in the conflict, which lasted about three years around the illegal construction in cherry, the developer and the public was able to negotiate. The developer of the “Euro 2000” has put forward a compromise proposal to build funds for its kindergarten, to increase the Park area of 5 hectares, and provide landscaping 500 thousand dollars., while retaining part of the territory for construction of residential houses.

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