Klimkin called the accusations of the head of the Communist party of the Czech Republic to the Ukrainians about the suppression of the Prague spring absurd

Климкин назвал обвинения главы Компартии Чехии в адрес украинцев о подавлении Пражской весны полным абсурдом

Foreign Minister of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin called the accusations of the head of the Communist party of the Czech Republic Vojtech Philip against Ukrainians regarding the suppression of the “Prague spring” is absolutely absurd. About this he wrote on his page in Facebook.

Earlier, the leader of the Communist party of the Czech Republic Vojtech Filip in an interview with British newspaper The Guardian stated that it was not Russia, and Ukrainians at the head of the USSR and the Ukrainian soldiers of the Soviet army responsible for the suppression of the “Prague spring” in 1968.

In turn, the Ukrainian foreign Ministry reminded that Ukraine Communist ideology banned along with the Nazi.

“I, however, have long been interested in one question: why the Communist party, which still remained in some countries, still fascinated by the romantic Communist ideas? Because of the fake regime of the Soviet communism is long gone, and modern Russia is a vivid example of economic inequality and social injustice, where a handful of confidants to the power profit, and the poor in poverty,” wrote Klimkin.

“Obviously, because it is not in communism, not in ideology but in the nature of Russian totalitarianism, which is basically the same under all regimes – tsarist, Communist or Putin. Apparently, the Communists continue to see the current Russian regime is the native,” – said the Minister.

In this regard, the accusations of the leader of the Czech Communists against Ukrainians that they are supposedly to blame for the suppression of the “Prague spring”, the head of the Ukrainian foreign Ministry has called absurd.

“Ukrainians, as I recall, suffered from the Communist regime and, by the way, was also occupied by people for many centuries. Meanwhile, the Ukrainians were the ones who in the former Soviet Union actively protested against the occupation of Czechoslovakia in 1968 and showed solidarity with the Czechs and Slovaks. The names Mustafa Dzhemilev, Basil cake, Zoryana Papaduka known to all. But not the Czech Communists. For them, unfortunately, is still “Moscow speaking!” – said Klimkin.

Note that the Communists have 15 deputies in the Czech Parliament. The average age of Communist deputies is 75 years. This is more than the average life expectancy in the country. Last year in parliamentary elections, the party won 7.8% of votes. And this is the lowest figure since 1990.

In 1968 the leader of the Czech Communist party Alexander Dubcek’s liberal reforms spent. Moscow and other Warsaw Pact countries decided that he went too far in his attempt to create “socialism with a human face”, rejecting censorship and allowing freedom of speech in their country. After the military invasion of the USSR began a period of hard repression that lasted until the Czechoslovak “Velvet revolution” in 1989, which put an end to the Communist regime in the country at the 41st year of its operation.

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