Klimkin called the testing results of the 2018 math total disaster

Климкин назвал результаты ВНО-2018 по математике тотальной катастрофой

Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin described the results of testing in mathematics as a “total disaster” and said that every other applicant is not versed in basic mathematical rules. The head of the foreign Ministry wrote on his page in Facebook.

“During the holiday season, which has not yet ended, and before the school year hasn’t started yet, somewhat unnoticed, as for me, there was a news about this disgraceful results of external TESTING in mathematics. Frankly, I want to cry and scream. It’s a total disaster!” – said Klimkin.

The Minister noted that 48% of students are unable to solve the problem of the level of 8th class.

“Every second of today’s graduates are not versed in basic mathematical rules,” he added.

According to the Minister, even with those efforts, which today makes the team of the Ministry of education, without fundamental changes in approaches to teaching, without stimulation of young people and without realizing that quality education is a vital necessity, not a formal attribute, Ukraine “risks being anywhere else.”

“What about the prospects of Ukrainian it sector and engineering are we talking about? What about the technological breakthroughs we dream? I hate to remind you of the banal truth, but education is the path to a successful future. Deviating from this path, we deliberately condemn ourselves to the periphery of life,” – said Klimkin.

“And it’s not only close to me in mathematics. English, history, geography, and, shakes, Ukrainian… Think about it?! And nobody notices! You are not shocked?” the Minister concluded.

Recall that in 2018, the testing of Ukrainian language and literature are lower than last year. This is attributed to the fact that this is the first year the test was passed by graduates of colleges and vocational schools. The level shown by the graduates of the colleges is close to that shown by the graduates of other educational institutions, while the results of PTU was low.

Note that for admission to higher education institutions for the educational degree bachelor in 2018 have submitted 146 85 thousand students. According to the results of external independent assessment of 222 participants were able to get the maximum score for the test.

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